About Our Family Dentistry

Dr. Lois James

Dr. Lois James D.D.S.

  • Registered Nurse - Rochester, NY
  • Nurse Practitioner - State University of New York - Syracuse
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery - Baltimore School of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland
  • Dental Residency - University of Maryland
  • Advanced training in comprehensive orthodontics and craniofacial orthopedics
  • Mastermind Course - Craniomandibular function, occlusion and treatment of Temporal Mandibular Joint pain and disorders

Before dental school, as a registered nurse, Dr. James worked at Rochester General Hospital. After graduating from SUNY Syracuse as a Nurse Practitioner, she worked with four Associate Professors of Medicine at the University of Rochester for several years. She relocated to Baltimore, MD for dental school and then post graduate residency in advanced General Dentistry. In 1998, Dr. James opened her general dentistry practice in Ocean View, Delaware.

Dr. James' years of nursing experience have helped to foster extraordinary insights in treatment of her dental patients. This experience, along with her extensive knowledge of dentistry, orthodontics, childhood facial growth and Temporal Mandibular Treatment elevates Dr. James to a unique position. After years spent learning and practicing general dentistry, Dr. James has improved the lives of many of her patients. Her practice philosophy is one of preventative measures for a safe, gentle, pain free lifetime of dental health and function.

Dr. Lois James Dentistry TeamOur Dentistry Staff

Dr. James starts her patients with a dental cleaning appointment and x-rays for the best possible evaluation for gum disease and diagnosis of oral health problems. Our sterilization techniques are the best available. Your safety is guaranteed. We closely follow all standards of care when it comes to your dental treatment. Our knowledgeable staff works in conjunction with Dr. James to provide you with a pleasant, stress-free dental experience. Appointments can be scheduled today at: (302) 537-4500. We are also accepting new patients!

Company Policy

  • Payment expected as services are rendered unless prior financial arrangements have been made. We do offer several payment plans that may fit your budget. Please contact  us with any questions you have about payment plans.
  • We reserve time for your appointment. A charge will be made for broken appointments without 48hr notice. Please call us directly to reschedule: (302) 537-4500