Early Treatment of Preschool and School-age children

Family Dentist - We Treat The Whole FamilyDr. James is a General Dentist that performs orthodontic treatment in southern Delaware. She has had extensive training from Dr. Chris Baker through the American Orthodontic Society.

Through careful diagnosis, preschool and school-aged children can be treated to improve the growth of their entire face. Treatment of poor growth patterns of the face and jaw can be done before it affects the child functionally or socially. One of Dr. James' main goals is to realize the significance of self-image to children as they grow and develop. This image is important to help develop social, and other, skills required to be competitive in this fast growing world.

Special Care with Special Technologies

Dr. James uses the latest technologies that help her take a preventative approach to treating your child's dental needs. One technology that is often used on children during dental cleanings is the DIAGNOdent laser tool. This tool is used in conjunction with x-rays to help diagnose developing cavities. The DIAGNOdent tool can sometimes find emerging problems before they show up on x-rays. Please ask us how this tool and others can help you or your child maintain a healthy mouth.